Best WooCommerce Menu Cart Plugin For WordPress

The search for the best WooCommerce Cart Plugin can leave you confused with too many options.

Choosing a shopping cart plugin for your WordPress website is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make. After all, a faulty or poorly designed plugin that delivers a subpar user experience will chase users away. The effect on your bottom line doesn’t bear thinking about.

Fortunately, contemporary cart plugins are more than simply a passive way for customers to hold products while making their final purchasing decisions – modern solutions boast sophisticated, polished features. In this post, we’ve selected ten top shopping cart plugins that all seamlessly integrate with your WordPress site.

If you’re ready to take a look with us, let’s get started!

Woo Header Mini Cart

With this plugin, you can add mini cart options to your shop website Menu option and footer section, Find “Woo Header Mini Cart” on the dashboard’s menu page, add your site’s menu options as many times as you like.

A Button will also add on footer section, you can remove this option from the plugin setting page, A very nice plugin that allows your user to easily calculate the shopping list, with a single and total amount

  • “Woo Header Mini Cart” menu items
  • Menu Cart Button
  • Footer Cart Button
  • Hide Option for Footer and Header button
  • Clickable Side Mini cart
  • Shortcode [whmc_mini_cart]
  • Color Setting option
  • Super Control panel for changing Style


WordPress is now the number 1 CMS, has the highest growth rate and almost half of the websites are built with it. WooCommerce is also internationally famous for its powerful eCommerce plugin. So, people who are planning to start a new multi-vendor marketplace often ask-

“What is the best WooCommerce Cart Plugin for WordPress?”

One of the best things about having an e-commerce shop is the ability to expand your market to a larger audience than local brick and mortar would have access to.

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