Citibank EUR receiving account

How to add Citibank EUR receiving account to Payoneer

I received my withdrawal which was canceled and mailed from Payoneer to add Citibank EUR receiving account. As we know  Payoneer is a financial services company that provides online money transfer and digital payment services. It offers a range of solutions tailored to the needs of freelancers, businesses, and online sellers, enabling them to send, receive, and manage payments globally.

How Payoneer and its team can be helpful:

Payoneer offers customer support to assist users with various inquiries, account-related issues, and technical assistance. Here are the primary channels through which users can contact Payoneer’s customer support:

  1. Online Help Center:
    • Payoneer’s website features an extensive help center with FAQs, articles, and guides covering a wide range of topics related to account management, payments, fees, and more. Users can search for answers to their questions and access self-help resources.
  2. Email Support:
    • Users can reach out to Payoneer’s customer support team via email to address specific inquiries or issues. Payoneer typically provides an email address or a contact form through which users can submit their queries. Responses are usually sent within a reasonable timeframe.
  3. Live Chat:
    • Payoneer offers live chat support for real-time assistance with account-related questions or technical issues. Users can initiate a chat session with a customer support representative through the Payoneer website or the Payoneer mobile app.
  4. Phone Support:
    • Payoneer provides phone support for users who prefer to speak directly with a customer support representative. Users can find the appropriate phone number for their region on the Payoneer website and contact the support team during specified business hours.
  5. Social Media:
    • Payoneer maintains active social media channels on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, where users can reach out for support or assistance. While social media may not be the primary support channel, Payoneer’s social media team may respond to queries or direct users to the appropriate support channels.

When contacting Payoneer’s customer support, it’s helpful to provide relevant account information and details about the issue or inquiry to facilitate a prompt and accurate response. Additionally, users should be mindful of business hours and response times, as support availability may vary depending on the region and the nature of the inquiry.

Payoneer cancels euro withdrawal from PayPal

Hello, my name is Sarabindu Bakshi and I work with WordPress. I have been dealing with Payoneer for a long time, first I used the “Wirecard EUR receiving account” to withdraw Euro from PayPal. But Payoneer has stopped paying transactions from PayPal to Euro via “Wirecard” since January 6, 2021. Today I will share that experience. I got the below mail after canceling the transaction.

payoneer cancel euro withdraw from paypal

Important changes to the Wirecard EUR receiving account

Payoneer sent me an email on dated 27 December 2020, about  “Important changes to your Wirecard EUR receiving account”. please see the below screenshot

Important changes to your Wirecard EUR receiving account


Citibank EUR receiving account

When my 81 euro transaction was canceled, I emailed their support. Today I have come to tell you the experience of how I was able to add “Citibank EUR Receiving Account”. The mail is the lengthening process in the Payoneer support system because a huge amount of mail has to be answered every day, so if you call customer care directly, you can get it done quickly. I did that and the problem was solved in 5 to 10 minutes very quickly.


First Log in to your Payoneer Account and then go to this Link
payoneer customer care



Payoneer call number

If you want to send mail then click the “send message” tab and choose Topic Receive Payments > Global Payment Service> “I want to apply for additional receiving accounts in the same currency”

as I told you I chose to call, so I clicked the “CALL US” tab button to make a call. You’ll see several countries’ buttons here, which match your set by clicking on the Set button, collecting the number, and then calling,
Since I was outside of Us the I chose “Outside the U.S.”,

payoneer call number


Payoneer mail to activate Citibank

After the call, you will be instructed to speak directly with Customer Care. Customer care can ask about your date of birth and security questions and I told him that I would like to add “City bank EUR receiving account” and why I need it.

after that, they mail me “Please provide us with a photo of yourself holding your photo ID and a piece of paper with today’s date handwritten on it. ”

Payoneer mail to activate Citibank



I got my Citibank

Then I log in to my Pioneer account, then Settings > Verification Center > Upload document, and submit. a few days later I got an email from Payoneer “Here are your new Euro-receiving account details”



then I checked my Payoneer account >  Recicve> Global Payment Service > and I saw a new Bank account  “EUR Account 2” has been added.




In summary, Payoneer offers dedicated customer support to assist users with account inquiries, technical issues, and other concerns. Its support team is available via email, live chat, and phone, providing prompt and personalized assistance to users worldwide. Through its comprehensive range of financial services, dedicated support, and commitment to innovation, Payoneer continues to serve as a trusted partner for individuals and organizations seeking efficient and reliable payment solutions.

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