Citibank EUR Reciving account in Payonner

How to add “Citibank EUR receiving account” to Payoneer

Did you receive such mail from Payoneer? If you have transferred Euro from PayPal to Payoneer then you will get such mail. I received my withdrawal which was canceled and mailed from Payooner to add “Citibank EUR receiving account”. Today I will share that experience. I got the below mail after canceling the transaction

payoneer cancel euro withdraw from paypal
Payoneer cancel euro withdraw from PayPal

Hello, my name is Sarabindu and I work with WordPress. I have been dealing with Payoneer for a long time, first I used “Wirecard EUR receiving account” to withdraw Euro from PayPal. But Payoneer has stopped paying transactions from PayPal to Euro via “Wirecard” since January 6, 2021. Payoneer sent me a mail on dated 27 December 2020, about  “Important changes to your Wirecard EUR receiving account”. please see the below screenshot

Important changes to your Wirecard EUR receiving account
Important changes to your Wirecard EUR receiving account

When my 81 euro transaction was canceled, I emailed their support. Today I have come to tell you the experience of how I was able to add “Citibank EUR Recicing Account”. In fact, the mail is lengthening process in the Payoneer support system, because a huge amount of mail has to be answered every day, so if you call customer care directly, you can get it done quickly. I did that and the problem was solved in 5 to 10 minutes very quickly.


First Log in to your Payoneer Account and then go to this Link

payoneer customer care

If you want to send mail then click the “send message” tab and choose Topic Receive Payments > Global Payment Service> “I want to apply for additional receiving accounts in the same currency”

as I told you that I chose to call, so I clicked the “CALL US” tab button for making a call. You’ll see a number of countries’ buttons here, which match your set by clicking on the Set button, then collecting the number and then calling,
Since I was outside of Us then I chose “Outside the U.S.”,

payoneer call number

After the call, you will be instructed to speak directly with Customer Care. The Customer care can ask about your date of birth, security question and I told him that I would like to add “City bank EUR receiving account” and why I need it.

after that, they mail me “please provide us with a photo of yourself holding your photo ID and a piece of paper with today’s date handwritten on it. ”

payoneer mail for activing citibank


Then I log in to my Pioneer account, then Settings > verification Center > upload document, and submit. a few days later I got a mail from Payoneer about  “Here are your new Euro receiving account details”


then I check my Payoneer account >  Recicve> Global Payment Service > and I see a new Bank account  “EUR Account 2” is added.




So, if you facing this kind of problem or want to add Citibank EUR receiving account to your Payoneer account then you can follow the above procedure, Thanks

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