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“Elfi Masonry” is a filterable & Gallery masonry addon for elementor page builder. This plugin provides powerful Gallery masonry & beautiful animated filtering with Category.

Elfi Masonry Is Packed With Awesome Features

1 Elfi Filter Masonry

This addon works based on the post type, which means that when you add this addon it will ask for the post type name and category name. Feature images, the content will come from the post type. Suppose you choose a post type name: Posts, then all the content and images will come from the post, for this, there must be a post in the posts. It has two different sorting options

a). Categories


a Types of sorting: Categories


The filter will work based on the category under the post type. The category name will act as a button for the filter.


b Types of sorting: Post

This is a new feature of this plugin, as we have seen before, to display and filter items by categories, and here to display items by post type and without relying on categories.


2 Elfi Gallery Masonry

A new addon called “ELFI Gallery Masonry ” has been added. This add-on allows users to create gallery masonry elements. No need to rely on post type. This addon works manually, which means you add images and content from the Element panel when you add this addon. No need to rely on posts

3 Popup elements

Wonderful popup feature for an item that will enhance product, portfolio display

a Popup Image

Amazing popup gallery with image + item title + link button

b Popup Video

Create a beautiful popup of video for an item.

c Popup Shortcode

Short code supported for an item as popup content,

d Popup Raw Html

Even raw HTML, embedded code will be supported as popup content

4 Infinite Scroll

Even raw HTML, embedded code will be supported as popup content

5 10+ beautiful designs

Amazing beautiful layout design, with cool animation effects, enriches the style

6 Cool Typography

You can easily customize typography for the title text, section text, and button labels.

7Plugin Update Notification

We update the Plugin regularly, Where new features are added day by day, and get instant plugin update notifications

Elfi Pro

What we are offering for this package

100 Sites | Life Time

  • ✓ 10 plus beautiful designs
  • ✓ Portfolio, Product, Post Filter
  • ✓ Custom Post type filter
  • ✓ 2,3, and 4 column layouts
  • ✓ 12+ Cool Button Style
  • ✓ Popup content with image gallery
  • ✓ Popup video Supported
  • ✓ Shortcode supported as popup content
  • ✓ Raw html supported as popup content
  • ✓ default ‘elfi’ permalink change facility
  • ✓ Amazing smooth hover effect
  • ✓ Typography for Title, Category, Button
  • ✓ 100 Sites License for Lifetime
  • Download Limit : Unlimited
  • Get Updates for Lifetime
  • Get Premium Customer Support
  • ✓ Support Response 1hr


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