Woo Header Mini Cart- Single


1 Site | 1 Year Licence


What Woo Header Mini Cart can do for you?

This Plugin will add cart icons to your eCommerce site’s menu options. You can also add cart icons to any of the site’s preferred locations via shortcodes. There is a mini cart in the clickable sidebar


Woo Minicart Is Packed With Awesome Features

1. Cart Icon to menu items

Add cart icons to menu items on the WordPress site, place the menu cart in different menus as often as needed

Animated notification

2. Animated Notification

animated notification after a product is carted. creating eye-catching animated notifications after adding them to the cart button. easily customize notifications, colors, locations, and styling using the built-in features

3. Sidebar Mini Cart

the sidebar mini cart opens automatically after a product is carted. amazing sidebar options for cart items number, icons, color, delete, custom notes,s and many more

Single page cart

4. Ajax on the single product page

ajax cart features both simple and variable products on a single product page.

this means that when customers click the “add to cart” button, the item will be carted without page refresh.

5. Display Cart Icon

There are 3 ways to display cart icons on WooComemrce based website

  1. Add to the menu item
  2. Automicayy display by footer position
  3. Shortcode
mini cart icon

6. Plugin Update Notification

We update the Plugin regularly, Where new features are added day by day and get instant plugin update notifications

woo header

What we are offering for this package


1 Site | 1 Year

  • Add Cart icon To Menu Item​
  • Disclosure of cart item number
  • Disclosure of cart Product number
  • ✓ Shortcode Supported
  • Automatically open sidebar sidebar open automatically after a product is carted
  • Animated Cart Notification
  • ✓ Amazing animation effects
  • ✓ Footer Cart & Menu Cart button
  • ✓ Super cool customization
  • ✓ Single Site License for 1 Year
  • ✓ 1 Year Customer Support
  • Download Limit 10 times
  • ✓ Support Response 24 hr
  • Get Updates for 1 year