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WordPress Plugins is the main one of the part of WordPress WebSite. Here we publish our Plugin and you can Collect it from WordPress repository and Popular Market Places

Serial - 5e88ec3d77cc0

Elfi Masonry Filter Addon for Elementor

Elfi Masonry filter Addon for Elementor is for portfolio filters, product filters, and post-filters.

It has amazing features, 10 types of attractive layout design, 3 types of column layouts,10 plus amazing buttons style, and more than 40+ control settings that allow the user to customize easily.

Serial - 5e88ec3d7897e

Woo Header Mini Cart

With this plugin you can add mini cart options to your shop website header and footer section, The header cart button will automatically add to the menu next to your menu, you can remove the option from plugin page if you want,

A Button will also add on footer section, you can remove this option from the plugin page, A very nice plugin that allows your user to easily calculate the shopping list, with a single and total amount

Serial - 5e88ec3d793b3

Qr Code Composer

Qr code Composer generating Qr Code for post, page, Woocommerce or custom post type, It will display your post, page as a unique image. User scanned on their smartphone and then go to the desired link.

Each QR code is unique and it will generate when you will publish any post, page, Woocommerce product or any custom type posts.

You can turn off Qr code any Post type form Its settings page, also if you want to turn off single or multiple post or page, or product you can do it very easily and so on the custom post, QR COde Composer WordPress Plugin is Compete Plugin for Qr Code Creator.

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