Product Barcode Generator

Barcode generator for WooCommerce Products and Orders

Current Version: 4.0.9 (5 November, 2023) changelog

This plugin generates dynamic barcodes for WooCommerce products, orders, and order mail. Barcodes are generated automatically as soon as the plugin is activated.


A few reasons for you to choose

Product Barcode Generator

WooCommerce Product Barcode

The barcode number and its barcode will be automatically generated for all products after plugin activation. The barcode will display both frontend and backend. fourteen formats and all product types are supported

order email barcode for WooCommerce order

Order email barcode

After an order is completed the barcode will be printed on the order mail. Generate Barcode from Order ID/Transaction ID or Custom Number. Both the customer and the seller will receive the order barcode in the mail, which will provide a lot of convenience to manage your sales process.

Bulk Print WooCommrce barcode

Bulk print of barcodes

You can easily print barcodes for your store products. able to use features like Ajax filtering based on product category. Print barcodes of all your store’s products or specific products with one click

Features of Product Barcode

Auto Generate barcode Number

Instant barcode number

Barcode is generated based on product SKU, ID & barcode number. the plugin’s built-in feature is the barcode number. this number automatically generates as an unique number for all products

Product Type of WooCommerce

Support all Data Type

Generate barcodes for all WooCommerce products and all product data types. Like simple products, grouped products, External/Affiliate products, Variable Parent products, and Variable Child products.

Barcode format for WooCommerce

14 type of Format

Barcode will be generated from 14 types of formats. All popular formats are kept. CODE128 (Auto). EAN-13 . EAN-8 . UPC(A) . CODE128A . CODE128B . CODE128C . CODE39. ITF . MSI MSI10 . MSI11 . MSI1010 . pharma code

Your own barcode number

You can Create your own barcode barcode numbers Instantly with this plugin, you can do this in two

barcode meta field

Meta Field Support

Barcodes can be changed on the product edit page. From the metafield option. You can input a custom barcode number and download the image. This facility is also available for changing variable child products

Quick edit Support

Quick Edit Support

The barcode number is Quick system-supported. For this, you can go to woocomemrc > Product. Now click the quick edit option of the selected product and input the barcode number.

barcode on shop page

Barcode in store

The barcode will be automatically displayed on the shop page. Users can turn this functionality on or off from the settings page. Shop Padak will also display barcodes on category pages, and tag pages.

Barcode on Single Product Page

A single product page will automatically display barcodes. For variable products, the barcode will automatically change as product attributes change, with shortcode facilities for single product pages.

woo barcode
Woo cart
barcode on product page

Barcode on order dashboard

These barcodes can be found in the order dashboard, to find it, you need to go to WooCommerce > orders
order barcode woocommerce

Order Barcode meta Box

On the Order page, you will find this. the custom order number can be input for the order barcode. By default barcode number will come from the order number or transaction number

order product

Barcode of the product ordered

The barcodes of the products that have been ordered can be seen below the product image. You can also see these barcodes in the mail template.

Facility to download all barcodes

The plugin allows the download of all barcodes. and it is from one page. Facility to do Ajax filtering on product categories

Download all barcodes from one page


Barcode in PDF Invoice

We have integrated PDF Invoice and Packing Slip for WooCommerce plugin. It will have additional features. Because we have added order barcode functionality to this plugin. After the order is placed, the seller and the customer will receive the printed order barcode. Order will receive barcode with PDF invoice in email

barcode on Woocommece order

Admin can add a user

Administrators can add a user. It gives that user access to the plugin settings page and print pages. Admin can add editor, author, contributor, subscriber, shop manager, customer




  Shop manager



Plugin info

  • Created on : May 3, 2021
  • Update on : November 5, 2023
  • Version : 4.0.9
    4.0.9 (November 5,  2023)
    Fixed price display issue for variable child products in Print page
    Fixed pagination
    Compatible with WordPress 6.3.2
    Compatible with WooCommerce 8.2.1
    4.0.8 (October 29,  2023)
    The plugin settings page has been changed,
    Product Title width measurement has been fixed,
    A new logo has been introduced for the plugin,
    4.0.7 (October 4,  2023)
    Fixing JS issues on Bulk Print page 
    4.0.6 (September 27,  2023)
    Added product barcode to PDF invoice
    4.0.5 (September 25,  2023)
    Fixed Price and Title alignment 
    4.0.4 (September 24,  2023)
    Add Print button of Product meta field
    4.0.3(August 15,  2023)
    Compatibility & Security update
    4.0.2(July 26,  2023)
    Fixed the problem with new account mail
    4.0.1(July 10,  2023)
    change the switcher button behavior 
    4.0.0(July 7,  2023)
    Fixed issues for changing barcodes for variable products
    Fixed admin plugin installation speed issues
    3.0.7(May 28,  2023)
    Barcode number is automatically generated
    Change the barcode number from Product Metabox
    Add text for Country of Origin 
    3.0.6(May 20,  2023)
    Add label for the Download button on Single Product page
    Add a barcode on the order page for each product 
    Add barcode on order mail for each product 
    Change the barcode position on order mail
    3.0.5 (April 17,  2023)
    download button for single product page
    3.0.4 (March 13,  2023)
    The height of the print page box size can be customized
    3.0.3 (February 12,  2023)
    Added AJAX filtering to bulk print
    Added AJAX filtering to Download Page
    3.0.2 (January 2,  2023)
    Add barcode to order mail
    PDF invoice barcode
    2.4.5 (June 2,  2022)
    add a barcode on the shop page, category page, and Tag page
    shortcode for shop page
    2.4.3 (April1,  2022)
    Security Update
    2.4.2 (March 1,  2022)
    Variable Product display on Frontend
    2.4.1 (January 10,  2022)
    include 12 format
    allow displaying the single product page
    shortcode for single product page
    2.3.3 (December 29,  2021)
    remove order by "none filed"
    fixing posts per page issues
    note: After installing this version, click the Save button on the Plugin Settings page
    2.3.2 (22 September 2021)
    Generate Barcode for Variable Child.
    Update based on WordPress 5.8.1
    2.3.1 (23 July 2021)
    Update dashboard
    2.2.3 (20 July 2021)
    add shortcode, 
    Add EAN13, UPC (A) format
    Download list
    barcode width
    Add capability
    barcode background color
    2.0.1 (3th May 2021)
    Plugin Released
  • SEO Ready : Yes
  • Multilanguage : Yes

Plugin info

  1. One Click Installation
    This plugin is very easy to use and easy to install. With just one click,
  2. Support & Updates for One Year
    All of our products are available with one year of premium support and updates. With Infinite Plan and Plus Plan, you will get support and updates on your website for life
  3. 24x7 Premium Technical Support
    If you do not have experience with the technical aspects of your website, our support staff will lend you a hand. We are here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to help sort any issues you might face.
  4. Secured & Optimized Code
    We work extra hard to make sure our plugins are solid and unhackable. We optimize the code to make it very light and search engine friendly.


Here you can find some frequently asked questions about this plugin. If you can’t find a reply to your doubts, ask a question. we will reply in a very short time

Do I need to have coding skills to use Product Barcode generator?

Not at all. you only need to install it and activate it. the barcode generator will automatically start on your site, without any need to tweak the code. Look at the documentation  for details about the plugin settings

What are the requirements for This Plugin?

A minimum of PHP 5.7 is required. Minimum WordPress Version 4.o or higher

Is there a way to add barcodes to variable products?

Yes, the plugin works with variable products too. Please refer to this page for more information. check the Variable product page demo

How long are the barcode valid?

its validity Lifetime. Barcodes s are never Spoiling.

What to include to create a barcode?

The plugin generates unique barcodes for each product. From the product SKU, ID, and automated barcode number. We recommend you choose an automatic barcode number. it is hassle-free and you don’t need to enter any information. The barcode number will be automatically generated, you can change the digits if you want

Can barcode be added to order email?

The plugin has the option to show the order barcode in every email. You can choose to show the barcode on all emails or only on the one sent for complete orders. Order email live Dmeo

Can I use Product Barcode generator on client sites?

Yes, buy "Infinite Plan" for this. You can set up the premium version of "Product Barcode Generator Pro" on your customer's website. Lifetime updates will be available

Do you offer a trial version of "Product barcode generator" Premium Plugin ?

We do not offer a trial version. But a free version is available in the WordPress repository of the premium version plugin.  you can try it

Do you offer support if I need help?

Yes, Click the live chat option. you can submit a ticket to contact a developer

Can I upgrade my license?

If you want to upgrade. you will have to buy a new plan with the full amount

What is EAN13, how to use it

it is a 13-digit code. ( about EAN13 on Wikipedia).
You can find many sites to check Ean13 digits. This site is one of them. you can check the EAN13 code and check the validity

What is UPC (A), how to use it

it is a 12-digit code. ( about UPC on Wikipedia).
You can find many sites to check UPC(A) digits. You can check this

Can the plugin be connected to a mobile scanning app?

We don’t offer an application to scan. But we can recommend these ones.
For Android: .
For IOS(apple): 

Why should we use the updated version?

If you do not get the updated version of the plugin. you will miss the new features and security of the plugin. So always use the latest version themes, plugins, and WordPress version

In case of single plan, will the barcode not work after one year?

Barcode will definitely work, you can use the updated version of the plugin for 1 year in case of Single plan

What does 10 times download limit mean?

This means when you choose "single plan" you can download the plugin file 10 times from the date of purchase. When an update to the plugin is released, we'll email you. You can download the premium file from your account page and install it on the site

Why buy plus plan for single site?

Our lifetime package prices are lower than any other market. This is because we only try to keep our hard work part, so we offer a lifetime license at a very low price. The benefits you get with the Plus plan are:

  • You can download unlimited plugin files.
  • Get new features of the plugin for lifetime
  • Can always use the updated version plugin
  • A lifetime plan will keep your website safe for life
  • No functionality errors will occur in future WordPress versions
  • Lifetime Premium Customer support

What payment methods do you accept?

We use Stripe's payment gateway by debit or credit card. We only accept USD dollars

Can't find the answer?

Send us your question and we will reply very quickly!


    Choose your plan from the following prices



    1 Site | 1 Year

    • 1 Site License for 1 year
    • Download Limit 10 timesDownload a maximum of 10 times in 1 year from the date of purchase
    • Get Plugin Updates for 1 yearYou will get the updates of the plugin within 1 year from the date of purchase
    • 1 Year SupportSupport will be given up to 1 year from the date of purchase
    • Support Response 6 hr

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    1 Site | Life Time

    • 1 Site License for Life time
    • Life time DownloadDownload lifetime from the date of purchase
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    Why do we recommend taking a plus plan for a single site?

    • You can download unlimited plugin files.
    • Get new features of the plugin for a lifetime
    • Can always use the updated version plugin
    • A lifetime plan will keep your website safe for life
    • No functionality errors will occur in future WordPress versions
    • Lifetime Premium Customer support

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    michelle Evan

    I really needed an automatic tool that could work in a WooCommece environment 

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    Kayden Luke

    I would recommend it to anyone who needs to work with barcodes

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    David B. Snyder

    It’s an amazing Plugin, just awesome..

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    Samuel Danielle

    Saving time and having everything on point is our goal and this plugin has been exceptional.

    Nolan Rebecca
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    Nolan Rebecca

    amazing plugin! i asked the guys in support to add the barcodes for each product…..
    Tina J. Page
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    Tina J. Page

    I’m so impressed with the excellent customer service and support

    Joe B. Ruhl
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    Nathaniel jasin 5.00

    One of the standout features of this plugin is its ability to effortlessly generate barcodes for products…

    Live demo

    Dashbord Demo

    See the inner side of the plugin in the dashboard demo

    Full Documentation

    We have created complete documentation for the plugin

    Support Ticket

    We provide 365 days after Sales support service

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