Mini Cart For WooCommerce

Sidebar Mini Cart Plugin for WooCommerce

Current Version: 5.0.0 (28th November, 2023) changelog

This plugin creates AJAX mini cart functionality for WooCommerce sites. This will build a clickable sidebar mini cart with shipping calculator, coupons, tax, and animated notifications. Enhances the user experience of e-commerce sites


A few reasons for you to choose

Mini cart with many features

Sidebar mini cart with many features. Here you can calculate shipping, apply coupons, product discount benefits, shipping amount, tax information, product storage price information and more. Click on the link below to view the demo of the backend then login, username and password : minicart

Menu Cart Icon

Menu Cart Icon

The cart icon in the menu will show the customer’s product cart count info along with enhancing the beauty of your eCommerce site. Through our plugin, you can see the menu of different design, besides, choose your favorite icon from 42 icons. The icon can be display only if you select the menu from the settings page of the plugin. and you can add the cart icon from the menu page of WordPress dashboard.

Footer Cart Icon

As soon as the plugin is activated, the cart icon at the footer of the website will be activated automatically, you can remove it according to the page, you can remove this icon according to the post type. Choose your favorite footer cart icon from 42 icons, for details check backend demo at below link

Features of Mini Cart

Animated notification

Notification after cart

The user wants to implement best practices to make the cart process as smooth as possible for this customer. for that, we include this animated notification. after carting the product, an eye-catching animated notification will inform the customer that the product has been added to the cart. this will multiply the customer’s user experience

Apply coupons to mini cart

Users can easily communicate all their coupon information to customers, using custom images for each coupon. Customers will easily find information related to coupons, which will help increase your site’s brand value and sales volume.
shipping calculator

Shipping Calculator

Shipping is a necessary part of every eCommerce transaction. Store owners need to ensure that they are properly measuring the costs of delivering products to customers. Customers can easily calculate shipping costs with location through Mini Cart

increment button

Quantity Increment Button

There’s no doubt that having an excellent mini cart is valuable to your customers and important for optimizing conversion rates. It will make the consumer shopping process smoother. Increase/decrease buttons have been placed to edit the amount of shopping cart items. These buttons are used to change the number of cart items before checkout

Woo Commerce tax

Display Tax info

if you sell products online, your customers are probably all over the map. you can easily notify customers about sales tax. this plugin will clearly tell us how much sales tax will be included in his total cart
Woo Commerce Discount

Discount Amount

After applying the coupon, you will be informed immediately how much discount you will get. it is really a very nice method that will act as a new craze for the customer to purchase the product

WordPress cart memu

Cart Icon to menu items

You’ve shopped on an eCommerce website and surely seen a small menu cart icon located on the website’s menu. you can accomplish this. It will give your website users the ability to see a cart icon in the menu areas of your website. There are a couple of ways to do this. But we are giving you the best and easiest way to add a cart icon to the menu.

You will add a menu item without any hassle and coding, just add it to the menu in the WordPress menu section. Plain and simple

Single page cart

Single Page Ajax Cart

Ajax is not used to add to cart single product pages of woocommerce, this plugin allows ajax cart features for both simple and variable products on a single product page. this means that when customers click the “add to cart” button, the item will be carted without a page refresh

Shortcode Supported

We have provided this shortcode so that you can easily display the cart icon anywhere. As a result, you don’t have to commit to anything, everything will be in your hands. You can customize the mini cart as you wish

WordPress shortcode

Display Menthod

ways to display the cart icon

There are 3 ways to display cart icons on a WooComemrce website

  1. Add to the menu item
  2. Automatically display in the footer
  3. Shortcode
mini cart icon
Shipping calculator

Shipping calculator inside the sidebar

Promo Code

Apply coupon from Sidebar cart

menu cart

Facility to add cart icon to menu


Notification for each product cart completed


Add custom image on Sidebar coupon

tax icon

Display Tax Amount

Plugin info

  • Created on : December 11, 2019
  • Update on : November 28, 2023
  • Version : 5.0.0
    V-5.0.0 (November 28, 2023)
    1) Add live preview for sidebar customization
    2) Add live preview for footer cart customization
    3) Add live preview for menu cart customization
    4) Add menu field to Settings page
    5) Add the total cart amount to the checkout button
    6) Add Save values field for cart products
    7) Can add image for empty cart
    8) Can add image for empty cart
    9) Can add icon for empty cart  
    V-4.0.3 (30 October, 2023)
    1) The plugin settings page has been Modified
    V-4.0.2 (9 July, 2023)
    1) Fixed admin page loading issue
    V-4.0.1(6 April, 2023)
    1) compatibility Update
    V-4.0.0(23 March, 2023)
    1) Can change all notification text
    2) Can add an image for each coupon and display the sidebar coupon model
    3) Tax solution to the currency problem
    4) Can change the shopping cart icon at the top
    V-3.0.3(15 March, 2023)
    1) Added a field to the settings page to remove all available coupons
    V-3.0.2 (7th December 2022)
    1)Fixing the Cart page and Checkout page issues
    V-3.0.1 (29 November 2022)
    1)Add a Shipping Calculator
    2)Tax information
    3)Apply the Coupon form
    4)Add Producy increment/decrement
    5)42 typed Cart Icon add 
    V-2.1.7 (31 March 2022)
    1) Added Switcher button for Customize Sidebar Auto open
    2)Security Update
    V-2.1.6 (4 December 2021)
    1) Plugin update based on woocommerce 5.9.0, and WordPress 5.8.2
    1) Fixing Sidebar CSS issues
    V-2.1.5 (17 September, 2021)
    1) Plugin update based on woocommerce 5.6.0, and WordPress 5.8.1
    V-2.1.4 (11 September, 2021)
    1) CSS fixing for mini carts in checkout and cart page layout
    V-2.1.3(22 August, 2021)
    1) The. Sidebar opens automatically after a product carted
    2). Cart item number added in the sidebar
    3). Delete icon added
    4). Close button added in the sidebar
    5). 10 more cart icons added
    v2.1.1(28 june, 2021)
    Element added in Sidebar Setting option
    Price and Product Typography
    Notification option on/off features
    v1.0.4 (Oct 4, 2020)
    -Product Added Notification
    -Plugin Settings Page Update
    v1.0.3 (Sep 30, 2020)
    -User Can hide the cart button option from the sidebar panel
    -user can Modify all Text of the Sidebar Panel
    v1.0.2 (May 19th, 2020)
    -Fix CSS issues
    v1.0.2 (April 4th, 2020)
    -Integrate Drag & drop the menu item 
    -Update CSS
    v1.0.2 (January 25th, 2020)
    -Modify the Label text of 
    -Plugin settings page
    v1.0.1 (December 12, 2019)
    -Cart icon update,
    -Update the plugin dashboard
    v1.0.1 (December 11, 2019)
    - User can turn off any button(header or footer)
    v1.0.0 (December 11, 2019)
    - Plugin released
  • SEO Ready : Yes
  • Multilanguage : Yes

Plugin info

  1. One Click Installation
    This plugin is very easy to use and easy to install. With just one click,
  2. Support & Updates for One Year
    All of our products are available with one year of premium support and updates. With Infinite Plan and Plus Plan, you will get support and updates on your website for life
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    If you do not have experience with the technical aspects of your website, our support staff will lend you a hand. We are here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to help sort any issues you might face.
  4. Secured & Optimized Code
    We work extra hard to make sure our plugins are solid and unhackable. We optimize the code to make it very light and search engine friendly.


Here you can find some frequently asked questions about this plugin. If you can’t find a reply to your doubts, ask a question. we will reply in a very short time

Do I need to have coding skills to use Woo header Mini Cart?

Not at all. you only need to install it and activate it. the barcode generator will automatically start on your site, without any need to tweak the code. Look at the documentation  for details about the plugin settings

What are the requirements for This Plugin?

A minimum of PHP 5.7 is required. Minimum WordPress Version 4.o or higher

Can I use this plugin on client sites?

Yes, buy "Infinite Plan" for this. You can set up the premium version of "Woo Header Mini Cart" on your customer's website. Lifetime updates will be available

Do you offer a trial version of "Woo Header Mini Cart" Premium Plugin ?

We do not offer a trial version, but a free version is available in the WordPress repository of the premium version plugin, you can try it

Do you offer support if I need help?

Yes, Click the live chat option. you can submit a ticket to contact a developer

Can I upgrade my license?

If you want to upgrade. you will have to buy a new plan with the full amount

In case of single plan, will the mini cart not work after one year?

Mini Cart will definitely work, you can use the updated version of the plugin for 1 year in case of a Single plan

What does 10 times download limit mean?

This means when you choose "single plan" you can download the plugin file 10 times from the date of purchase. When an update to the plugin is released, we'll email you. You can download the premium file from your account page and install it on the site

Why buy plus plan for single site?

Our lifetime package prices are lower than any other market. This is because we only try to keep our hard work part, so we offer a lifetime license at a very low price. The benefits you get with the Plus plan are:

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  • Lifetime Premium Customer support

What payment methods do you accept?

We use Stripe's payment gateway by debit or credit card. We only accept USD dollars

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    • You can download unlimited plugin files.
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    • Can always use the updated version plugin
    • A lifetime plan will keep your website safe for life
    • No functionality errors will occur in future WordPress versions
    • Lifetime Premium Customer support

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    michelle Evan

    I really needed an automatic tool that could work in a WooCommece environment 

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    Kayden Luke

    I would recommend it to anyone who needs to work with MiniCart

    Start Ratings
    David B. Snyder

    It’s an amazing Plugin, just awesome..

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    Samuel Danielle

    Saving time and having everything on point is our goal and this plugin has been exceptional.

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    Nolan Rebecca

    amazing plugin! Highly recommended

    Start Ratings

    Tina J. Page

    I’m so impressed with the excellent customer service and support

    Start Ratings
    Nathaniel jasin 5.00

    One of the standout features of this plugin is its ability to calculate shipping costs…

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    Dashbord Demo

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