Discount coupons

We offer discount coupons. ‘Sharabindu’ give discounts on certain days of the year, stay with us to get discounts at low prices

wordpress barcode plugin

WooCommerce Barcode Generator

This is a barcode generator plugin for the WooCommerce website. order barcode and product barcode are generated. Order barcode works on the order email

$ 50 ←Starting Price
QR Code Composer

QR Code Generator Plugin for WordPress | WooCommerce QR

This is a QR Code generator plugin for WordPress. It creates Page QR Code, vCard, WooCommerce QR code, order QR Code and order email QR code

$ 50  ←Starting Price
Mini cart

Mini Cart Plugin for WooCommerce | WordPress shopping cart

This is the best mini cart plugin for WooCommerce websites. It includes a shipping calculator, apply coupons, notifications, menu cart and footer cart icons.

$ 32  ←Starting Price
elfi masonry

Elfi Masonry Addon - Best Elementor Addon for Showcase

Elfi is a Filterable Gallery Showcase plugin for Elementor Page Builder. Showcases can be created for products, portfolios, blog posts, and custom post items

$ 22  ←Starting Price
WordPress notification plugin

YooBar notification | Best WordPress notification bar plugin

Yoobar is a WordPress notification bar plugin. It includes countdown timer, news ticker, carousel, and more feature bars in the website header and footer.

$ 30  ←Starting Price
Fancy filter

Fancy Filter - A plugin for WordPress category filter

Fancy Filter is a category filter plugin for WordPress websites. It allows you to create filterable showcases for portfolios, products, and blog post items

$ 22  ←Starting Price
master QR Generator

Master QR Generator | Apply QR codes to WordPress websites

Master QR Generator is a plugin for WordPress. Creating QR codes for pages, posts, products, and custom posts. Supports center logo and background image

$ 40 ←Starting Price

When We Provide Discounts?

Generally, we give discounts on Winder Sales, Summer Sales,  Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas.

Discount period

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