How to fix Notepad++ NULL values after the crash

Notepad++ Null value

You are working on Notepad++, suddenly the Electricity went away or crashed for some other reason, after opening the file, all code disappeared and Null was doing

Oh!!, all is finished, what to do now, calm down, I also got this problem once, So what I did today is to share it, follow the steps below

First download “Recuva” file ,Download link

recuva icon

Now Install Recuva in your PC and follow below Step

1)Click Next

recuva wizard

2)Set Specific Fie path and Click Next and Scan file,After Scan you will see below interface

piriform recuva

3)Click Advanced Mode and you will see below interface

4) now click Options

piriform recuva options

5) Now Click Actions Tab and Check scan for non-deleted files and press Ok, Then Scan Again

recuva actions

6) If you are lucky, you will see your file in the list and will be able to recover it.

Please share and Comments if it helpful ,Thanks

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