ELFI Masonry Filter for Elementor


What is Masonry:

Masonry is a grid layout supported by columns. Unlike other grid layouts, it doesn’t have fixed-height rows. The Masonry layout optimizes the utilization of space inside the online page by reducing any unnecessary gaps. Without this sort of layout, certain restrictions are required to keep up the structure of the layout.

it adds elements one after another, first within the horizontal direction, then vertically. the following image shows a typical web content that uses floats for layout

What is filtering:

Filtering and sorting parts of your website could be a great way to prepare content. Portfolios, Products, galleries, and blogs are just several examples of stuff you might want to categorize. to attain this, many JavaScript libraries can help you, like isotope one of them

Combination filtering with Masonry

Filtering and sorting with Masonry layout is a popular presentation for Portfolio, Product or blog post in Web Page,

Masonry Filter Addon For Elementor:

Elementor most popular page builder today, Users can easily create a webpage with this page builder and it has a beautiful builtin addon, Here
We will discuss An amazing Masonry filtering addon for Elementor Pagebuilder, you can get it just only $20 from Envato Market Place. please see below the features of this addon


Elfi Masonry filter Addon for Elementor is for Portfolio filter, Product filter, and Blog Post Filter

It has amazing features, 10 types of attractive layout designs, 3 types of column layouts,10 plus amazing button styles, and more than 40+ control settings that allow the user to customize easily.

  • 14+ Unique Layout Design
  • Elementor Addon Support
  • 2,3, and 4-column layouts
  • Popup video for the item
  • Popup content with image gallery
  • Pagination
  • 12+ Cool Button Style
  • Typography for Title, Category, Button
  • Amazing smooth hover effect
  • 50+ control panel settings
  • 5 unique portfolio templates (included)


Elementor Addon



Gallery Popup 




Video Popup















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